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Saturday, November 31, 2002

On Today's Menu
Flint River Seafood

By RubyB
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Commodore William BainbridgeWe normally only include Florida restaurants in this section, but we all agreed that we should make an occasional exception for an exceptional dining experience elsewhere. No worries, it will be a rare occurrence. 8-] This month's featured eatery is Flint River Seafood in Bainbridge, GA. Located on the Flint River in Cheney-Griffin Park, it offers a lovely view of the water through the picture windows in front. Unfortunately, the limited parking area includes several spaces which block that view. We had been wanting to try this restaurant for quite a while and were excited to finally have time and opportunity coincide.

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Contemporary Christian Music

Currently Playing

By Petra
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Petra! Is there a Christian alive today who hasn't heard of these guys?! Yeah, they're still goin' strong. After 30 years they're still, in this writer's opinion, one of the greatest CCM bands around. We have almost every one of their albums (getting the latest for Christmas) and listen to one or more at least once a week. Petra: the Beatles of CCM!

Now this is a deal!!! Three Petra tapes for 99¢! Included in this set are Double Take, God Fixation and No Doubt. We are ordering several sets for Christmas gifts. Think about it... 15 great stocking stuffers for under $5.00! Be sure to check out CBD's entire under a dollar page. We found several of our favorite artists there. Now we can stop fighting over them... we got two copies of each... one for each vehicle. 8-]

Triple your storage space!Petra Praise is one of my all-time favorite Petra projects. I have worn out several copies and have given several as gifts. This is definitely a classic and will be a wonderful addition to any collection. If you liked Petra Praise, you'll also enjoy Petra Praise 2. Personally, I liked the first one better, but the rest of the group vote for PP2. The group has signed with a new label, Inpop Records. Be looking for their newest album, Still Means War! (Availability: Available to ship on or about 12/17/02. You may order this item now and [CBD] will ship it to you when it arrives. If you are charging this purchase to a credit card, you will not be charged for this item until it is shipped.)

Check out these Petra members', past & present, web sites:
John Schlitt
Kevin Brandow
Greg X. Volz
Pete Orta
Trent Thomason
Bob Hartman
Quinton Gibson

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Friday, November 08, 2002

Currently Playing
Karaoke Superstars

By Superchic[k]
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If you haven't heard Barlow Girls, you owe it to yourself to check it out. This group delivers a positive message for young people with a retro-sounding bouncy pop/punk musical style. Karaoke Stars, their debut album, also includes One Girl Revolution from the MGM film and soundtrack “Legally Blonde”. Listen to a song from their new album and learn more about Superchic[k] at their new site!

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