.A pediatrician with four tots of his own said, It's a good thing kids are cute. If they weren't we'd kill them!"
.Richard Exley gave me a packet of greeting cards he designed with this prayer:

.Lord, kids are so neat! Sometimes they are bundles of energy gift-wrapped in hand-me-downs. Other times they are pajamaed packages of sleepy sweetness. Always they are a miracle. I love the way they chase butterflies, and the attention they give to mud puddles and raindrops on a window. I envy their freedom from clocks and calendars, their immunity to pressure.
.Oh, they have their moments, skinned knees and nap time, but they recover quickly. They don't nurse their disappointments or make a career out of suffering.
.Lord, kids are so neat! Let me be converted and become as a little child. Let me know again the sheere joy of being alive, the pure pleasure of living one day at a time, fully savoring each solitary moment. Free me from past disappointments and the little hurts I have kept so carefully. Restore to me a childlike anticipation for life, a sense of wonder, which makes each day new and my life truly abundant.

.Every time I use one of these cards to write a letter, I remember a song from the past: "Lord, please bring back the springtime. . . . Take away the cold and dark of sin; May I warm and tender be again!"
.Over and over in Scripture, the Lord admonishes us to be like little children in our enthusiasm and in our believing, trusting faith.
.Let's anticipate His coming again kids anticipate Christmas morning! Let's look for answers to prayer as kids look for Easter eggs! Let's celebrate His goodness the way kids celebrate birthdays! Let's love God our Father like little children!



From Morning Jam Sessions by Betty Malz
background and stars by Cherokee Rose

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