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About a year ago, I got a digital camera. Not a great digital camera, but it sure beats having to get film developed and pictures scanned. It took me about 6 months to actually start using it. Now, I hardly go anywhere without it. Patience not being one of my finer qualities, I can't wait to get a better camera before uploading some of the better shots. So here are some of the highlights of my first digital year. 8-]

All pictures were taken with a Fuji Finepix 1300. Most of the bird pictures were taken using the 2x zoom and holding the camera up to my binoculars. Now there's a trick! LOL! I have learned that if I just click the shutter, it usually comes out better than if I take a lot of time setting up everything just so. And I've learned that color doesn't come out too well if I shoot through a dirty windshield. *g*

It was very hard to choose which pictures to include here. There IS a limit to the disk space I'm allowed. At this rate, I'm thinking I might have to replica patek philippe change shots every few months. Watch out when I get that new camera! Can you say "OVERLOAD"?! (*;*)

UPDATE: Just for fun, I've added a few old pics taken with regular cameras and scanned before my scanner took a disliking to my puter. It's nice to see that I have made some progress over the years. 8-] , , , , , , , ,